AC - Motor hull insurance

Motor hull insurance (Autocasco) covers repair costs of a vehicle in case of damage and ensure financial compensation in case of its theft.  

Compensa insurance covers all events resulting in damage to your vehicle!
It means that you can report any claim under your AC insurance unless excluded in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance, and you will be paid due compensation. 

You can choose among two variants of claims settlement:

  • Service – claims value settlement according to invoices issued by garage service,
  • Costs - claims value settlement according costs lists prepared by Compensa.

We offer constant insurance sum up to 12th year of vehicle use – we guarantee claims settlement according to vehicle’s market value, established on the day of motor hull insurance purchase.

Compensa offers two options of AC insurance, depanding of vehicle's type:

  • AC BAZA – for passenger cars and light wagons
  • AC MOC – for all other cars


We offer wide range of additional clauses within motor hull insurance at Compensa:

  • Protection against discounts losses at MTPL and motor hull insurance – consistent discounts for clear claims history, in spite of claim realisation
  • Baggage insurance – insurance including transported inside a car or in external rack. 
  • Windscreen and car windows – windscreen and car windows insurance covers costs of organisation, repair or replacement of damaged windscreen or car windows. Find out more about windscreen and car windows insurance 
  • GanTrack – innovative product combining safety and additional discount. Buying GanTrack protection system, we offer 10% additional discount at motor hull insurance. Our partner, Gannet Guard Systems S.A. is engaged in locating stolen objects. Thanks to radial technology, offered modules enable localising protected object correct to 3 centimetres. Underground parking lots, steel containers are not any obstructions in tracking the object. 
  • GAP – financial loss insurance protecting against drop of vehicle’s value in time, within 3 years of insurance purchase date. Find out more about GAP insurance 
  • DNA – it is an unique on the Polish market product combining attractive scope of car insurance coverage and protection against theft. Find out more about Compensa moto DNA kod.

AC BAZA and AC MOC Insurance covers claims incurred on the territory of Poland. Claims incurred on the territory of other countries (EU Member States, and Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Norway, Russia (the European part), San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey (the European part), Ukraine, the Vatican) are covered with AC BAZA insurance as a standard and optionally with AC MOC insurance.

If you buy Compensa Komunikacja package (MTPL and motor hull insurance) for passenger car for private use, you can gain discounts for household insurance at Compensa Rodzina or Compensa Mój Dom.  

Detailed information

Download General Terms and Conditions of Insurance
Partnership garages list - with our partnership garages you have guaranteed quick and professional service and a substitution car on the time of repair.