Assistance Insurance covers assistance in case of different events related to a vehicle. The insurance is offered to motor car owners who have taken out third party liability (OC) or motor hull (AC) insurance with Compensa.

Assistance covers events that take place on the territory of Poland, countries belonging to the Green Card system and states established within the borders of the former Soviet Union.

There are two variants of Assistance insurance: 

  BAZA Variant TOP Variant
Scope of insurance  bringing the vehicle back to workng order
towing of a vehicle
repair of a vehicle on the spot
transport or accommodation for driver and passengers
renting a replacement vehicle
 delivery of car after repair
organising supplies of spare parts
providing comprehensive information that may be useful while travelling
Sum insured EUR 50-160 in case of vehicle repair
EUR 100-160 in case of towing
EUR 2 500

Assistance Insurance - BAZA variant is offered free of charge together with one-year motor hull insurance contracts.

Annual premium for Assistance Insurance in BAZA variant is PLN 15, if bought together with third party liability insurance policies (OC) .

Annual premium for Assistance Insurance in TOP variant is PLN 59.