Accident insurance (NNW)

Accident insurance offers a wide coverage and simple forms at a low price.


The scope of Accident Insurance in Compensa covers:

  • Results of accidents
  • Insured's accidental death,
  • Treatment of the consequences of a heart infarct or a cerebral stroke following an accident
  • Reimbursement of costs of plastic surgeries
  • Assistance insurance – offered together with annual individual insurance

If the insurance cover is not sufficient for you, you may extend it with:

  • Reimbursement of costs of repairs and purchase of orthopaedic equipment and technical treatment equipment, including a wheel chair; reimbursement of costs of vocational training of disabled persons and reimbursement of medical treatment costs;
  • Daily hospital benefit following an accident

In case of Accident Insurance (NNW) Compensa determines benefits progressively, which means that we will pay you the double benefit amount for every documented health impairment above 50%.