Agricultural insurance

Compensa has a broad insurance offer for farmers. You may choose insurance that suits your needs best.


Mandatory agricultural insurance

Insurance addressed to farmers, individuals possessing a farm and buildings belonging to a farm. Such insurance is a mandatory insurance governed by the Law on Mandatory Insurance, Insurance Guarantee Fund and the Polish Motor Insurers' Bureau of 22 May 2003 (Journal of Laws of 16 July 2003)


Voluntary agricultural insurance

The insurance may cover:

  • livestock (horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry, fur animals),
  • slow-speed vehicles except tractors and trailers,
  • farm equipment (tools and farm machines not subject to registration),
  • materials and stock (heating materials, building materials, spare parts for farm equipment, fertilizers and pesticides, animal feedstuff and nutrients),
  • field crops (agricultural products stored within the borders of a habitation),
  • household property and fixed elements of a house,
  • consequences of accidents of farmer and members of farmer's household.