Compensa moto DNA kod

Compensa moto DNA kod is a unique package of third party liability insurance and motor hull insurance, which combines attractive coverage and protection against theft.

What distinguishes Compensa moto DNA kod on the market?

  • Should your can get stolen, we will keep your premium discount for clean claims history in hull insurance,
  • In addition to your Compensa moto DNA kod insurance coverage, you will get an anti-theft DNA system for marking your car
Compensa moto DNA kod insurance is available for passenger cars of up to 5 years old and a minimum value of 20 000 PLN.  Should your car be stolen, you keep all your motor hull insurance premium discounts.

What is DNA technology?
DNA Auto is a Polish name of a worldwide product belonging to DetaDot Technology Ltd. from Sydney, Australia. DNA Auto has been offered on the Polish market since 2004 by DNA Program Sp. z o.o.

Effectiveness of the DNA product consists in a unique way of vehicle marking. Thousands of DNA micro particles with a size of 0,5-1 mm carry unique 17-digit PIN numbers, which can be used to identify the car’s owner. Removal of the micro-particles is practically impossible and uneconomic. Every car or even every valuable car part protected by the DNA technology remains easily recognisable for the Police for the next 20 years, which allows indentifying the rightful owner and makes a car unattractive for a potential thief.

VIN numbers of marked cars are published in a registry of property protected by the DNA system at The registry is used by the Police when searching for a stolen car or its part. In 2005, the product was appreciated as “protection of the year” at the International Protection Fair SECUREX.

The product has also gained wide recognition from i.a. the Institute of Car Transport and General Police Headquarters in Poland.


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