Windscreen and car windows insurance

Windscreen and car window insurance is a guarantee of safety for you and your relatives in case of damage to car windows. The insurance covers the windscreen, side and rear windows in cars of up to 3.5 tonnes not older then 10 years.

Why insure you car windows with Compensa?

  • You keep your motor hull insurance (casco) discounts – a claim reported under the car window insurance does not affect your discounts in motor hull insurance. You gain up to 20% discount in the next insurance period.

  • We give you a lifetime quality guarantee for the repaired windows – any damage that should appear on the window spot already repaired by Saint-Gobain Sekurit will be removed free of charge.

  • Sum insured– guarantees full coverage to the insured within the contract period and equals 3 000 PLN.

  • The cover is valid in Poland or Poland and Europe (according to teritorial range of motor hull insurance)

  • We cooperate with the best – one in two new cars in Europe is equipped with Saint Gobain Sekurit windows. Saint Gobain Sekurit is our partner for handling claims under the windscreen and car window insurance.

Note: in case of a windscreen or car window claim please contact Compensa Pomoc: 801 120 000 (from landline phones, countrywide) or 22 501 61 00 (from landline or mobile phones)