GAP – financial loss insurance NEW

GAP insurance is a perfect protection against financial losses occurred in result of vehicle value loss in time.

Ensure yourself financial safety thanks to GAP insurance

  • In case of total loss claim or vehicle theft, thanks to compensation received, you can buy a new vehicle of similar class or repay your loan or finance lease liabilities.
  • You can buy GAP insurance together which motor hull insurance at Compensa, for vehicle which is not older than 5 years in the day of insurance purchase.
  • Insurance sum for GAP insurance is 80 000 pln, which means that maximum attaching to compensation paid from motor hull insurance or MTPL of person at fault is up to 80 000 pln.
  • Protection against drop of vehicle value in time can last up to 36 months.

According to market surveys, new car lost up to 60% of its invoice value in first three years of use.

GAP insurance covers a difference between invoice value of new bought car (invoice GAP) or motor hull policy value in case of pre-owned car (GAP AutoCasco) and its market value from the total loss claim day 


Invoice GAP
Vehicle value from invoice:130 000 pln
Vehicle stolen 21 months after taking out insurance.
Vehicle market value on the day of theft: 91 000 pln

  • Compensation paid from motor hull insurance policy 91 000 pln
  • Compensation paid from GAP insurance: 39 000 pln
  • Total compensation: 130 000 pln

GAP AutoCasco
Vehicle value form motor hull insurance policy octive on the day of taking out GAP insurance: 59 000 pln
Total loss claim on vehicle 29 months after purchase.
Market value on the day of claim: 31 000 pln

  • Wreckage value: 17 400 pln
  • Compensation paid from motor hull insurance policy: 13 600 pln
  • Compensation paid from GAP insurance: 28 000 pln
  • Total compensation after wreckage sale: 59 000 pln

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