BLS – direct claims handling

BLS insurance is an unique supplement of MTPL insurance. BLS allows to omit nuisance and formalities in claims reporting from accident perpetrator’s policy. BLS price is only 10 pln.


How does it work?

Compensa pays compensation when the Insured’s vehicle was damaged in collision or accident with other vehicle which the owner is an perpetrator.

When can I report a claim from BLS?

  • known and indicated perpetrator – responsible for the claim,
  • perpetrator’s vehicle is registered in Poland (Polish plates),
  • perpetrator has MTPL insurance at Polish insurance companies (Polish insurance),
  • 2 vehicles took part in accident/collision in Poland

What Compensa is responsible for?

Within BLS insurance, Compensa covers property damage in the Insured’s vehicle:

  • in case of vehicle damage – costs of vehicle repair,
  • in case of total destruction of vehicle – value of vehicle (minus residues)
Additionally, we cover costs of:
  • towing damaged car of the Insured
  • replacement vehicle, hired on the time of technical repair,
  • damaged car parking.

Compensa pays compensation up to 25 000 pln. If the claim value is over the limit, the Insured will receive 25 000 pln together with costs of towing, replacement vehicle hiring and parking.

Why should you have BLS insurance?

  • You omit many formalities while reporting claim in perpetrator’s insurance company.
  • You are serviced by Compensa (your own insurer).
  • Easy claim reporting – all information on your own MTPL policy.
  • BLS supplements MTPL coverage.
  • BLS replace motor hull insurance (in scope of claims caused by perpetrator)
  • The insured does not loose discounts for motor hull insurance.
  • Attractive price: only 10 pln

Detailed information

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